What are the factors of high pressure valves suitable for pharmaceutical industry?

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What are the factors of high pressure valves suitable for pharmaceutical industry?

Generally speaking, the choice of valve material is not very large. In most cases, austenitic stainless steel is a widely used material, which can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are special requirements for valves in the clean pipeline system, to avoid the generation of dead water as far as possible. "In many valves, the more commonly used is the diaphragm valve. Because of its special design, 100% of the medium in the pipeline will not contact with other pipe fittings outside the gasket, thus achieving a good clean environment. Valve expert introduction.

Therefore, diaphragm valves are widely used in pharmaceutical industry. But it should be reminded that in the installation process of diaphragm valve, the self-discharge function of the valve should also be taken into account, that is, to ensure the installation angle of a certain valve.

In addition, the tablet ball valve is also a common valve in the pharmaceutical industry. Although the cost and pressure of the slice ball valve are higher than those of the ordinary one, the inner wall of the valve body is clean. According to experts, full package, no dead angle three-piece ball valve is also the darling of the pharmaceutical industry.

Non-retaining ball valves are also suitable for pharmaceutical industry. Non-detention ball valve is also known as non-dead-angle ball valve, with smooth inner wall, no residue to hide in the body, and no need for each discharge, no bacteria breeding. This advantage makes it an indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

At present, HENTO high-pressure valves can meet the special requirements of various media in biopharmaceutical, food and other fields. Some valves have smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid passages, which are also suitable for in-situ cleaning. These valves are manufactured in strict accordance with FDA requirements for quality control, and use computer three-dimensional design.

However, like other equipment fields, the valve industry also faces some difficulties. Only by solving these problems as soon as possible can the valves be better suited to the pharmaceutical industry. For example: R&D investment has been insufficient for a long time. The insufficient investment in scientific research funds and R&D funds has become an important factor restricting the independent R&D of valve enterprises.

Second, the ability of independent innovation is weak. Although most products of pump manufacturing industry in China have basically achieved independent production and manufacturing, domestic enterprises mostly undertake low-end processing of products, and the breadth and depth of autonomy need to be improved.

Thirdly, the lack of research on industry common technology. The technical support function of valve industry is weakening day by day, and the development speed of new technology and technology is slow. It is difficult for design, process, material and manufacturing standards to be docked with foreign countries.

With the continuous development of the direction of pharmaceutical equipment, valve industry as an important part of the industry has a huge growth space, and is gaining greater development through transformation and upgrading.

With the gradual promotion of the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported. Strengthen the technological innovation of valves to better serve the pharmaceutical industry.